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Entire operational management of the society is consists of 18 departments including service centers and collection booths operation. The Managers/In-charges are the part of the senior office Management according to the organizational structure. The Board has appointed a Chief Executive Officer who is the chief of staff. He analyses the job performances of all staff with the help of Assistant Chief Executive Officer and Chief Officers. Every Chief Officer has given responsibilities to supervise & administer the various departments. The following departments are there in Dhaka Credit.

  • Administration & Human Resource Department.

  • Secretariat Department.

  • Members & Customer Services Department.

  • Credit Operation Department.

  • Accounts & Finance Department.

  • Information & Communication Technology (ICT) Department.

  • Members Information Services (MIS) Department.

  • General Services & Maintenance Department.

  • Internal Audit & Inspections Department.

  • Recovery & Investigation Department.

  • Marketing, Members Training & Education, Research & Development Department.
  • QSS (Quick Service Section).

  • Real Estate Development Department.

  • Member’s Care Department.

  • Law Department.

  • Security Service Department.

  • Media & Publication Department (, online

  • Service Centre & Booths.