BIPUL LAWRENCE GOMES (TREASURER) 2018-02-25T10:07:09+00:00

   Bipul Lawrence Gomes


Mr. Bipul Lawrence Gomes has been elected as the Treasurer of ‘The Christian Co-Operative Credit Union Ltd; Dhaka.’ Mr. Gomes is a successful and established businessman.

Presently he is serving as a Director of Dhaka Shohorostho Savar Christian Samabay Samity Ltd. He is assistant logistic couple (Board Member) of Marriage Encounter in Bangladesh. Mr. Gomes is also an advisor of both Dhorenda Mission Tarun Sangha (Central Sangha) and Kamlapur Jubo Samity.

Mr. Gomes served ‘The Christian Co-operative Credit Union Ltd; Dhaka’ with sincerity and honesty as a Treasurer, Board of Directors and Secretary of Supervisory Committee previously. He contributed Dharenda Christian Co-operative Credit Union Ltd as Manager. As the Vice-President he served Dhaka Christian Housing Society Limited.

Mr. Gomes has attended and organized many workshops, trainings and seminars in home and abroad.