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The CCCUL introduced the online News Portal named ‘dcnewsbd.com’ in Bengali. Its goal & objectives are to keep people & members informed of the day to day events being occurred in all its operational areas also divisional town & cities in BD. News items of other Co-Operatives, churches & social issues in Christian community or secular news at national level are covered in this online service. The CCCUL members living in any part of the world can be effectively informed of the CCCUL & connected for the clarity & necessity. Currently it is one of the leading online news portals in BD.

Regional Correspondent

  • Swapna Bala: Barisal

  • Jefri Cardoza: Gazipur.

  • Shuvo Das: Khulna.

  • Kamona Costa: Rajshahi.

  • Nishan Rema: Mymensingh .

  • Swapna Bala: Barisal

  • Sajal Gomes: Dhaka.

  • Piyas Biswas: Dhaka.

  • Swapna Bala: Barisal

  • Sweety Areng: Sherpur.

  • Anjona Nokrek: Tangail.

  • Simon Kerkata: Rajshahi.

  • Xavier Minz Ali: Dinajpur.

  • Simon Kerkata: Rajshahi.

  • Xavier Minz Ali: Dinajpur.

  • Richard Bappi Gomes: Barisal.

  • Suborna Pathang: Srimangol.

  • Mecdeli D’ Silva: Bandorban.

  • Ashis Marandi: Sylhet.

  • Xavier Harry Gomes: Atharogram.


 Raphael Palma (Editor)
Phone: 02-58153316, Cell: 01713-011673
Email: editor@dcnewsbd.com

News Editor: 02-58153316, Cell: 01534-833499
Email: newseditor@dcnewsbd.com