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Dhaka Credit Gym

Sound mind depends on sound body. There is no alternative of regular Gym to keep body & mind healthy. For conscious health awareness Dhaka Credit bring a new Gym for Members. Members are getting Gym benefits at affordable rates from here. We have separate schedules for both men & women’s.

  • Modern Equipment.

  • Excellent & Smoking Free Zone.

  • Experience Trainer.

  • Separate Organize For Ladies.

  • Comfortable.

  • Minimal Cost.

  • Broad Space.

  • Dressing Room.

  • Car Parking.

  • AC.

  • CC Camera.

  • VIP Security.

                                 Gym Schedule
Group:           A         Male: 6 am–3 pm
Group:            B        Female: 3 pm–6:30 pm
Group:            C         Male: 6:45 pm–10 pm.

S.L Time Service holder/Business person Students
1 Monthly Tk. 1,000 Tk.700
2 Tri-monthly Tk. 2,500 Tk. 2,000
3 Half yearly Tk. 5,000 Tk. 3,500
4 Yearly Tk. 10,000 Tk. 6,000


Sadhonpara Hostel
8/Kha, Sadhonpara,
East Rajabazar, Dhaka-1215.
Dial: 9139517, 01715-81-66-71 and 01711-52-38-33.
Email: cccu.ltd@gmail.com