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A long Cherished dream of Dhaka Credit is to establish a Hospital for its valuable members and general public with various financial background named “Divine Mercy General Hospital”. The establishment process is being run under the leadership of Mr. Babu Markus Gomes, President of Dhaka Credit. It is also expected to be inaugurated by the Honorable Prime Minister of Bangladesh and commence its operation by early 2021. Retired General John Gomes who was an ambassador in the Philippines and also played vital role in establishing the renowned “Square Hospital” in Dhaka as its CEO to run the time bound establishment. Currently necessary approval process and construction companies are being scrutinized.

Hospital Features:

  • Location of the Hospital is at Mothbari area of Kaliganj sub-district under Gazipur district, which is 20mins drive away from Kuril of Dhaka City.

  • It is in the process of construction in more than 7 acres of Land.

  • This is the first and largest Hospital project undertaken by Cooperative Credit Union in Bangladesh.

  • Site of the complex is surrounded by quite scenery and vast greenery.

  • Dhaka Credit members and people of all faiths and backgrounds will be provided quality medical services.

  • The Hospital will be facilitating Specialized Health Services.

  • Medical services will be provided by Highly-Qualified Local and Foreign doctors.

  • Hospital’s Employees will be given advanced training facilities in abroad for providing better medical services.

  • There will be open ground surrounded by flower gardens which will give the Hospital refreshing environment.

  • There will be a restaurant for the patient and their family visiting the Hospital for various treatments.

  • The complex will consist of a Medical College, a Nursing College and a Nursing Home.

  • Irrespective of gender, students will have equal opportunities to study Nursing subject in the Nursing College.

  • The members having existing Health Care Scheme in Dhaka Credit will get special advantages for medical treatment in the Hospital.

  • The medical services of the Hospital will demonstrate the True Christian Love and Care for the people.

  • There will be facilities for international medical services.