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Rev. Fr. Charles J. Young CSC


The pioneer of the Credit Union Movement in Bangladesh, Fr. Charles J. Young CSC was born in 1904, in USA New York. His full name is Fr. Charles Joseph Young CSC. He is the founder of The Christian Co-Operative Credit Union Ltd. Dhaka, the largest Credit Union in Bangladesh and South Asia. Fr. Charles joined the seminary of the Holy Cross on September in 1923, and joined in the first verse in 1925 & accepted his blessing in 1928.

In 1929, he obtained his BA degree from Notre Dame University of America. Later in 1933, after studying the theory of Theism at the Foreign Mission seminary in Washington, he was promoted as a Priest at Indiana Notre Dame University chapel. And in the same year he came to Bangladesh as a foreign missionary and did various pastoral and social activities in Dhaka and Mymensingh.

In 1953, Lawrence L. Grenar CSC, Archbishop of Dhaka sent him to the Coady Institute of St. Francis Xavier University in Canada to acquire knowledge on Co-operatives. In 1955, coming back to Dhaka, he established The Christian Co-Operative Credit Union Ltd. Dhaka (Dhaka Credit) in order to bring the socio-economic development of the Christian community of the country. His philosophy in credit movement has spread widely throughout the country.

This theory brings radical changes in people’s lives. Later, using this theory, the non-governmental organization Grameen Bank won the Nobel Peace Prize. Many organizations of the country are working in the light of this theory. The Christian Co-Operative Credit Union Ltd. Dhaka is now the largest Credit Union in South Asia of its kind. The name of Fr. Charles J. Young CSC will be written in the history of Credit Movement of this region.

He died on 14 November 1988 in a tragic road accident. He is lying in the grave of Tejgaon Holy Rosary Church in Dhaka. His death anniversary is being celebrated every year with due honor.