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Real Estate Project

With a view to provide the housing facilities to the members, Dhaka Credit had built four buildings, Such as Mirpur, Nadda, Savar (Dhaka) & Pagar (Gazipur). In Mirpur building, out of 15 apartments, 12 apartments have already been allotted among members. Mirpur service center has been established there. On the other hand, at Nadda Joar Sahara building, out of 10 apartments, 6 apartments have been allotted among members where Nadda service center is located. Very soon call & data centre will be launch in this building. Dhaka Credit purchased 4 units from Rosary Homes & shifted Dhaka Credit Union school this new building. Allocate 9 out of 20 flat in Pagar. There are also 10 flats in Savar.

Construction of the multi-storied building of Bandura is almost in the final phase.

This building (Manipuri Para) has been opened for child care, service center and Girls hostel.

Also under the real estate division, Dhaka Credit built a few buildings. These building are mention as bellow.

Monipuri Para

Child care and Education Center, girls hostel-2 and service center are located in Manipuri Para’s own building.

 Sadhon Para

Service center, girls hostel-1, gym, marketing department are located  its in Sadhonpara own building.


There is a 10 unit at Savar. Using 1 unit for service center & other unit is ready to sale.


2 unit using Dhaka Credit & 18 unit will be sale for members.


15 flat. 3 flat are using Dhaka Credit, 12 flat are sold.

At A Glance Of DC Real Estate Project

Establishment: 2011
Working Area: Dhaka & Gazipur
Total Apartments: 59
Allotted apartments/Building: 31


Ratan Placid Costa
Fr. Charles J. Young Bhaban
5th Floor, Real Estate Department
Tejgaon, Dhaka-1215.
Dail: 01715-267833.
E-mail: ccculrealestate@gmail.com ratancccul@gmail.com