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There is a lot of importance and need for English language in the international ‍spear. It is time to learn English language to communicate with world culture and civilization and communicate mutual relationships with people from all parts of the world. The importance of English is unimaginable in the country and abroad in schools, colleges, universities and any institution. Occupying this language gives a person the perfection, recognizes him as a world citizen. In this context, The Christian Co-Operative Credit Union Ltd., Dhaka introduces English Spoken Course in the country to develop the youth as a qualified and skilled man. So far under this course a lot of Scholar have gone out with the certificate. At present, the activities of the 18th batch are going to continuing.


Spoken English Course

Focus area of the course         : Speaking, Listening, Writing & Lifestyle.

Duration of the course            : 3 Months.

Course fee                               : BDT 2000

Admission fee                         : BDT 10

Admission form                      : BDT 10

Class Schedule                       : Weekly 2 days (Wednesday & Saturday 5 pm–7 pm)

Collection of form                  : Head Office Reception Desk.

Admission Eligibility

  • Any Students can get admission.

  • The Minimum education qualification is at least S.S.C or S.S.C appeared.

  • Those who wants’ to go abroad for higher education will get preference.

  • Students must be attending 90 % of the total classes.

  • Those who are looking for job after graduation will get preference.

  • The course is taught by highly experienced teacher.

  • Certificate will be provided after successfully completing the course.


  • Focus Area of the Course : Speaking, Reading, Writing & Listening.

  • Duration: 2 Month.

  • Admission Form: BDT 10.

  • Admission Fee: BDT 10.

  • Course Fee: BDT 6500.

  • Class Schedule: Weekly 3 days (Saturday, Monday & Wednesday).

  • Class Time: 6 pm-8 pm.

Admission Eligibility

  • The Minimum education qualification is at least S.S.C or S.S.C appeared.

  • Those who wants’ to go Abroad for higher education will get preference.


  • The Course Is Taught By Highly Experience Teacher.


  • Student must attend 90% of the total class.

  • Free Mock Test For Students.

Sewing Training

  • Cutting and sewing training is given by the renowned trainers of the country. Through this training many women have become self-reliant.

  • Training Fee: BDT 3000.

  • Training Duration: 3 Month.

  • Class Day: Saturday & Thursday.

  • Time: 4 pm-6 pm.

Confectionery Training

Confectionary training is provided for women’s by famous and well-known trainers.

  • Training Fee: BDT 3000.

  • Training duration: 45 Days.

  • Class day: Saturday & Thursday.

  • Time: 4 pm-6 pm.

Chinese Cooking Training

Currently, women are trained in Chinese cooking by the famous self-appointed instructor.

  • Training Fee: BDT 3000.
  • Training duration: 45 Days.
  • Class day: Saturday.
  • Time: 4 pm-6 pm.

McCarthy Library

  • The McCarthy Library has about 1,000 books, including stories, novels, poems, best writers’ writings, liberation war and children’s books. Union members can easily become member of the library and read books in the office or home.


  • Here the memorandum published from July 3, 1955, all the Annual General Meeting Report, Various Forms, Documents, all copies of the published since 1986, the brides of different periods, the memoirs of the 25 and 50 years of the Union have been preserved.

Job Linking Cell

  • Job Linking Cell basically acts as an intermediary of job applicants and job givers by collecting CVs from student members of Dhaka Credit. This cell is formed to create jobs for educated young people. Need regular contact with cell after submission of CV.

Job Linking Cell Address

Rev Fr. Charles J. Young Bhaban
5th Floor, HR Department
173/1/A, East Tejturi Barar
Tejgaon, Dhaka-1215.
Email: cccu.ltd@gmail.com
Dial: 01612-718450.